Sat Karuna Reiki
Initiation and education
eligible for students II, III Degree traditional Reiki
Sat Karuna Reiki is an updated and expanded system of Teramai Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki. Sat Karuna Reiki system was created based on the above mentioned systems and based on the adjustments that were made by the enlightened teachers of India.
All practices that are applied in the flow of Sat Karuna Reiki come directly from the space of the Absolute. They are adapted not only to the space of the Universe but expanded to the vibrations of the Absolute.
Sat Karuna Reiki system allows the healer and Reiki master not to stop but to move further in his development. This direction is for those who would like to:

  • expand healing abilities
  • increase the effectiveness of practices
  • understand and accept your mission and purpose
  • for deep work with karma
  • learn how to combine symbols in work
  • master the techniques of working with physical, mental illnesses
Harpreet Singh Heera
Reiki Grand Master
Harpreet Singh Heera trained with Kathleen Milner personally. All signs and settings were received from Kathleen Milne directly. He sincerely wanted to preserve the purity of the Reiki channel and prevent Universal energies from mixing.

He kindly requested one of the spiritual teachers named Shiva Srivastov who also had Karuna Reiki initiation for help. Through meditation and with the blessing of the Higher teachers the settings process was changed and four missing symbols were added to the Master's arsenal.
Sat Karuna Reiki includes
Sat Karuna Reiki is a sign system that includes knowledge about cosmic symbols used for solving life issues in different aspects of life.
I Degree
II Degree
III Degree
This symbol helps to treat emotional problems of all situations especially connected to the issues of the heart - the center of love that we receive and give back.
This symbol heals at very deep karmic and causal levels, is used to break down negative stereotypes, restore the natural balance in our lives.
Balances energy, increases awareness and turns thought into action.
Connects us to the power of Earth and clears the lower six chakras. It is used to clear all negative energies, to create certainty in life, and to revive the original charge of Ki energy for every person.
Концентрирует энергию сердечной чакры в одну точку и как мощный луч передается во вне. Знак помогает завершить круг благодарности за эту и прошлые жизни.
Поток САТ КАРУНА РЕЙКИ ещё больше раскрывает сердце и раскрывает поток безусловной любви и все символы в это системы работаю с безусловной любовью и милосердием настраивая нас на вибрации Абсолюта.
This symbol clears our mind, strengthens our connection with our Higher Self, enhancing creativity and communication skills, the symbol connects us with teachers and mentors, clears the mind. This sign unites our consciousness, subconsciousness, and soul.
The sign helps to manifests our own will. It heals from destructive interdependence, balances the 4 elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, heals diseases of 4 elements.
The sign brings peace, tranquility and confidence to our life. It treats insomnia, panic, phobias, nightmares, internal aggression and enhances clairvoyance.
This sign is infinite energy battery. It is used to heal the central and peripheral nervous systems, is effective while low pressure, restores meridian energy flow, it accelerates the healing process of any disease.
The symbol helps to penetrate new knowledge, doubles the effectiveness of each technique, it unites love and energy to achieve results.
The energy of Karuna symbols is slightly different from the traditional system having more clear expression.
This symbol activates, cleanses, and expands the consciousness of the soul, burns karmic situations, for current and past lives, removes obstacles that stop our hearts from filling with Absolute love.
This is the Truth, this is infinity and eternity. This is what we are always looking for throughout our entire life path, our spiritual development. Truth is always and always will be.
Это любовь, милость Абсолюта. Этот знак расширяет любовь Абсолюта. « Если кто-то мешает, избавляет от негативных намерений других. «Я утверждаю свою Волю
Символ открывает центральный канал огня Кундалини, устанавливая гармонию и равновесие, наполняя энергией и силой.
Тибетский ДАЙ КО МИО
Этот символ представляет абсолютный источник энергии, вы можете использовать его при практиках с универсальной жизненной энергией даже вместо других символов.
Этот символ используется в основном для передачи настроек. Получивший инициацию данного символа, своего рода попадает под покровительство сил, управляющих электрическим током и молниями.
Имея в арсенале знаний и умений эти символы вы становитесь практически волшебником, вершителем своей судьбы и добрым "помагаталем" для других.
Only for Masters of the III Degree, there is a super opportunity to receive Sat Karuna Reiki I and II Degree at once!
Each course contains the first introductory seminar, Initiation and 5 lessons. During each lesson we analyze the features of one of the signs and its practical application in various situations and healing.
Mitsul Yuri
Shapovalova Elena
Course speakers
3A Degree Reiki Master
Doctor of the highest category
Reiki instructor conducts:
- Sat Karuna Reiki courses for I-III Degree
- "Conflict points" Course
3A Degree Reiki Master
Head of the Healing Faculty
Reiki therapist
Reiki instructor conducts:
- Sat Karuna Reiki courses for I-III Degree
- Practical lessons for I and II Degree of Reiki
- Group Undo Reiki Meditation
For all of us who practice Reiki, it is very important to follow daily 5 principles. But in case we do not comply 5 principles the connection with the Absolute can be lost. Hence the channel tends to become smaller and weaker. And we can stop practicing Reiki completely.

Karuna (compassion) enters our heart once we start practicing Sat Karuna Reiki flow. Our mind interferes less and we automatically start living a heart chakra-centered life.
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