Reiki course I and II Degree
Start May 26, 17-30
Kharkiv & ONLINE
I Degree
II Degree
16 lessons
14 lessons

The "REI-KI" word comes from Japanese language and means "Universal Life Energy". "REY" - means universality, boundlessness, "KI" - vital energy flowing through all living things.

REIKI energy is everywhere, it fills the entire Universe. It can be transmitted through our hands to people, animals, plants, even distantly. And so it heals.

Due to Reiki energy it is possible to:
Restore your health
Increase your income
Improve your relationships
Find your own way
After education is completed, you will learn to:
I Degree
  1. Do sessions for ourselves and another person
  2. Relieve pain
  3. Harmonize the emotional state
  4. Work with life situations
  5. Charge your water
  6. Clean up your space and objects around
II Degree
  1. Work with Reiki symbols
  2. Conduct remote sessions using photo or image
  3. Work with the past and the future
  4. Проводить Conduct energy diagnostics
  5. Pendulum healing techniques
  6. Reiki Aiki-do techniques (work with negative energies and programs)
Reiki initiation can be obtained no matter where you are. There are no boundaries for Reiki!
We have created personal accounts for all students where you can have full access to teaching aids and video lessons. Every student can study at the most convenient time.

We have created closed groups in Viber where our curators always support all students throughout the course.
Schedule of the first lesson
Saturday 17 April
Why will you definitely like the course:
Convenience to study online anytime anywhere in the world
Possibility to ask any question and get an answer
Lesson records remain always with you
Energy support from the Master
Access to the private Viber chat
Specific practical recommendations
Each student will get:
Educational audio and video materials
Access to students chat
Curator’s Support during and after course
I or II Reiki Degree International Certificate
Harpreet Singh Heera
Speaker, Reiki Grand Master
Ph.D. in Medicine, Doctor of Complementary Medicine, Head of the Department of Traditional Reiki at the European Institute of Natural Science and Distance Learning (Germany, Dresden)

President of the World Organization "Advance Natural Healing System", Reiki Grand Master

Author of numerous books describing Reiki system and psychology

Founder of the Indian School of Reiki and Reiki Online Academy

Course Mentor in aspects of family well-being, financial success and self-realization improvement
Our team
Harpreet Singh Heera
Reiki Grand Master
Ludmila Smetanina
Reiki Instructor
Eteri Kosogonova
Reiki Instructor
Kostenko Yulia
Reiki Instructor
Shapovalova Elena
Reiki Master
Victoria Ivanova
Reiki Master
Iryna Tomashuk
Reiki Master
Anna Zuban
Reiki Master
Lyudmila Shmitko
Reiki Master
Pre-registration for the course + Initiation
Classes WILL BE USEFUL FOR EVERYONE regardless of your level, Degree or Reiki "experience", what courses have you taken before or any other courses that you are currently taking.
I Degree
  • Physical and Etheric Cleansing
  • Effective meditations and energy practices
  • Initiation of the Reiki Sign
  • Energy structure of a person
  • Techniques of work with various diseases and situations


  • 16 lessons 2.5 hours each
  • Electronic teaching aids
  • Video materials
  • Group curator’s support
  • Private chat where you can share your experiences and ask questions
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II Degree
  • Astral and mental level clensing

Deep dive in Reiki practices

  • Intensive healing practice
  • Breath concentration techniques
  • Imaging techniques


  • 14 lessons 2.5 hours each
  • Electronic teaching aids
  • Video materials
  • Group curator’s support
  • Private chat where you can share your experiences and ask questions
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To obtain Initiation remotely, you need to:

  • send your full- height photo
  • send a screenshoot / photo of a payment receipt

The Course and Initiation will take place in the format of video lessons which will be posted in the student's personal account on the lesson day.

We will share with you all necessary Methodological aids.

Our Course Curators will constantly support you in a private Viber group during whole period of the course.

Each student receives
- methodological manuals for the I and II Reiki Degrees. Manuals describe in detail the daily practices of working alone after Initiation is completed, as well as the author's techniques for conducting a Reiki session, cleansing space, relieving pain, energy diagnostics, balancing the chakras, breathing techniques, aura cleansing and many other advantages ...

- audio disc with 26 Reiki positions, voiced by the actor's voice

- posters, calendars, bookmarks for books, etc.
Seminar registration
After registration is completed you will receive a confirmation letter on your e- mail also we will share with you a seminar broadcast link on the seminar day
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